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Mr. Popeye: Regrowing spinach from spinach roots

Is it wise to regrow spinach from spinach roots?

Most experts on the internet seem to lean towards no. For the fun of experimenting, I’m still going to try it!

To add formality, I’m going to name this experiment Mr. Popeye.

We had spinach for dinner last night, where I excitedly announced my new project and requested to save the spinach roots scraps.


After scouring the internet, I was a little defeated that most experienced gardeners suggested planting spinach from seeds, and moreover, I found out that early March in Taiwan (which jumps from mild winter to summer) is not a good time to plant spinach. Here some of the main reasons you shouldn’t be planting spinach from roots and in the spring:

  1. Spinach are generally annual plants
    – so it means these spinach, if not harvested, were on their way to death…
    – Wikipedia: a plant that completes its life cycle, from germination to the production of seed, within one year, and then dies
  2. Spinach is a cool-weather vegetable Spinach prefers temperatures between 35 and 75 F (2 to 23 Celsius) … Heat and long days will end your crop, so plant as mentioned above.

After reading all that, including the glaring words “HEAT AND LONG DAYS WILL END YOUR CROP”… I’m still going to try. Mr. Popeye’s alternative fate is in the trash can. Worst case scenario, Mr. Popeye fails.

I tried finding a how-to guide on regrowing spinach roots, but alas, not much is out there on the internet. I decided to follow Jerry James Stone’s instructions for Celery, cabbage, romaine lettuce, & bok choy:


At this moment, Mr. Popeye is happily sunbathing in my balcony. I chose four roots that looked most healthy:


Task list for tomorrow: Replace water, spray with water

Task for this week: find container and suitable soil for Mr. Popeye

The journey of Mr. Popeye

The Vege Girl Project: Day 2


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