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Thai / Taiwanese Basil: Siam King & Siam Queen

With Mr. Popeye still green and looking healthy, I’m feeling confident and decided to begin my next project Thai / Taiwanese basil 九層塔, which I affectionately named Siam King (green/white stem) and Siam Queen (purple/red stem).

I’m loosely following You Grow Girl‘s guide on planting herbs from cuttings. Stems approximately 10 to 13 cm long are needed, which – if you can’t find a ruler like I did – is around the length of an iPhone 5.

Siam King & Queen

Submerge in water, making sure at least one node is always under water (where the roots will be growing from).

If all goes well (fingers crossed), within less than a week, roots will be forming from the nodes, and then it will be time to transfer to pots.

As of now, they are happily soaking in mugs on my balcony. Go Siam King and Queen!

Photo Mar 07, 4 40 50 PM

The Vege Girl Project: Day 3



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