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Ms. Bok Choy: Planting from seeds!

Took a big step yesterday and planted Bok Choy 青江菜 from seeds!

Photo Mar 10, 7 01 00 PM

After much research online, Bok Choy seems to be the most fool-proof and beginner-friendly vegetable ever. Better to start strong and build confidence with an easy-grow vegetable right?

This vegetable is extremely popular in Taiwan, and among the favorite crops of many hobby farmers. I’m loosely following how-to steps found on Taiwan’s Council of Agriculture’s forum (Mandarin only).

Photo Mar 10, 12 28 52 PM

I don’t know why I thought it would be a good idea to add to the challenge by using a coir fibre brick as soil for the first time. Haha. Despite adding too much water in the beginning, I think I was able to wing it quite well. It is supposedly great for container planting, excelling in the needed aspects of air flow and water retention, as well as having a low risk of bug infestation. Bye bye rotted roots and weird bugs!

I used a 650g compressed coil fibre brick, adding in around 5 liters of water to rehydrate into soil. Mix and fluff to quicken process. The bottom left image is the end result, the total outcome of soil was around 9 liters. To add nutrients, I added a little organic fertilizer into the mix.

Coir Fibre Brick

Next up is the seeds. I used my fingers to dig shallow 2-3cm diameter holes, approximately 5cm apart, and placed 3 – 4 seeds per hole. Here’s how it looked:

Photo Mar 10, 10 49 52 AM

When done, cover with a thin layer of soil and gently water until water overflows from the bottom. I had some leftover soil, hence repeated the process with some tiny pots. Voila!

I will continue to water and monitor daily. If all goes well, the seeds should start sprouting in a couple days, and by one or two weeks, I might need to rearrange some of the plants to avoid overcrowding (in case more than one seed sprouts per hole). But that’s for down the road. Now I’ll just enjoy my first vegetable planting from seed. Baby steps!

Photo Mar 10, 12 29 03 PM

Photo Mar 10, 12 17 34 PM

The journey of Ms. Bok Choy

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