The Accidental Celery · Vegetables

The Accidental Celery

Last Wednesday, in a kind gesture of support towards The Vege Girl project, my husband Paul brought back a celery scrap from the restaurant. 

It looked…. quite sad. Yellowish, a little dry, and in general not very alive-looking. I didn’t put much hope in its survival, obvious in the fact that I didn’t even give Ms. Celery “frames” for a solo shot during the first two days.

But well, in the spirit of experimenting, I tried anyways. Of all the how-to instructions online, I liked 17 Apart‘s the most, and decided to give it a try. The pretty, very alive looking picture of 17 Apart’s organic celery stalk didn’t help boost my confidence in our non-organic, scrawny looking celery. Sigh… first steps:

Place the celery bottom in a container / saucer with water. I had the water covering the base of the celery, around 1/3 of the entire celery bottom.

I changed the water daily, and used a spray bottle to spray on the top part (especially the center) of the celery bottom.

Day 1

Day 2
Photo Mar 09, 11 28 42 AM

But oh boy was I surprised, and in a good way! It grew really well, and very fast, so much so that I had to remind myself that I only fed her water… right?

By day 3, Ms. Celery was getting individual shots. And I was once again reminded to never judge a book by its cover. Haha.

Below is a picture of Ms. Celery on day 3, the center had turned green, and the compressed tiny leaves were becoming much more obvious.

Day 3
Photo Mar 10, 12 29 28 PM

From then, Ms. Celery took off, and the growth was astonishing!

The Accidental Celery

Today is day 8, which is slightly longer than 17 Apart’s instructions. Since I started out without any visible leaves, I wanted to make sure there was prominent leaves before transferring to soil. Here’s what Ms. Accidental Celery look like today.

Leaves! I see leaves!!

Day 8
Mar 15-08

And yes, she is getting a new home, moving into soil. You go girl!

I’m reusing a Kirkland Cashews container we finished the other day. I feel a little more pro now that I can recite these steps from memory. That’s what one week of balcony farming will do to you (*wink wink):

  1. Add holes in the bottom of the container for drainage holes.
  2. Add in potting soil with great airflow (I use a coir-heavy mix 根呼吸椰碳土) + a little organic fertilizer, and mix it all up.
  3. Wet the soil, water generously.
  4. Transfer Ms. Celery into the container, fill up the soil to cover the celery bottom, leaving only the leaves visible.
    (Note: I wasn’t able to avoid having dirt on the leaves, but watered most of them off afterwards)
  5. Place in a relatively shaded area (celery is supposedly a cool weather vegetable). Water daily and continue to monitor progress.

Measuring if I had enough soil underneath…
Mar 15-15

All covered up besides the leaves.
Mar 15-16

A close-up, the tiny leaves are so cute!
Mar 15-18

A big YES, it is possible to turn scraps into plants! Bring on project regrowing food! I’m so excited to continue down the journey of Ms. Accidental Celery.

Mar 15-20

The journey of Ms. Accidental Celery

The Vege Girl Project: Day 11


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