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Mr. Popeye Finale

21 days after beginning my Mr. Popeye mission of regrowing spinach roots, I pulled out the remaining two. Mr. Popeye was my first ever project and it will always have a special place in my balcony farming journey. They were the ones that started it off.

Photo Mar 09, 8 42 29 AM

I remember feeling so excited, obvious in the colorful plant label hand drawn with rainbow markers.However, as inexperienced as I was, they was always a feeling of unease. I did know something wasn’t right with how slow they were growing (if any at all) compared to my other vegetables.

Inspired by these spinach roots, I have regrown other vegetables that aren’t usually done – green garlic and white radish leaves. They are both growing really well at this time.

The image below depicts the sad, droopy-leaves scene that made me decide it was time for the finale of Mr. Popeye and to pull them out.

Mar 25-09

These two have outlived the other two by at least one week. They have survived for 21 days.

Observing them after pulling out, I’m guessing the reason they lasted longer was better control of watering. The base connecting the leaves and roots were not soggy/rotten compared to the previous two.

Nonetheless, it is also obvious that the roots have not grown since planting. I wonder if this is a main reason of their stagnant growth.

Mar 25-30

I’ve come such a long way despite it being only 21 days since I’ve started balcony farming. I feel much more connected to nature, and much more conscious of the food that we consume. If this is what farming does to me, I’m so blessed I started.

Quoting myself from 20 days ago:

After reading all that, including the glaring words “HEAT AND LONG DAYS WILL END YOUR CROP”… I’m still going to try. Mr. Popeye’s alternative fate is in the trash can. Worst case scenario, Mr. Popeye fails.

Giving myself a pat on the back for having the courage to try.

One of the main things I resolved to do in 2017 is learning to embrace failure better. Being an overachiever and perfectionist, balcony farming at times feels like a long, enduring exercise to accepting that not everything is under your control. And sometimes you will fail.

But that’s ok. C’est la vie. As long as we always come out the other side better, stronger, wiser, it was definitely worth it.

Note to self: Never lose the curiosity to learn the unknown, and the courage to experiment the impossible.

Day 21 of balcony farming.
Mar 26-30

The journey of Mr. Popeye

The Vege Girl Project: Day 21



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