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Bye bye daikon radish leaves

What to do when you are gifted a leftover Chinese white radish head + some green-brown leaves by your father-in-law, with hopes that you will be able to grow some white radish greens?

Short answer: do not say no, find the excitement, and try regrowing it. Ha.

— The Vege Girl, March 26

Regrowing Chinese white radish (daikon) leaves

The last post on the experiment of regrowing Chinese white radish (daikon) leaves (full story at link above) detailed the journey from wilting green-brown radish head:

Mar 16 PM-5

To it looking all green and healthy and moving into soil.

Mar 25-22

Unfortunately not all stories carry the same happily-ever-after ending as fairy tales, and we now have to say good bye to Mr. Daikon Radish Leaves.

Was the experiment a waste of time? I’d like to think not and focus on the (short) journey and learning.

March 27: Four days after planted in soil, looking good with green leaves and mini ones sprouted from the bottom.

March 30: Decided to leave soil on the dryer side to lower risk of rot
Mar 30-10.jpg

April 1: New leaves! 
Apr 1-05.jpg

April 4: Growing slowly but steadily (I wonder when it will grow big enough for harvest…)
Apr 4-06.jpg

April 5: Oh no! Just overnight, a leaf turned yellow.
Apr 5-2.jpg

April 6: Trimmed off the first yellow leaf, only to find the other leaf yellowing too the next day! 
Apr 6-06.jpg

April 7: And just over another night, the plant wilted… hmm, the dying speed was so much quicker than the growing speed…
Apr 07-1.jpg

I pulled it out to find that the tiny bitty root (white part) never grew into a root system, but instead became a little transparent.

It showed promise in the beginning, obvious from the above images which were taken 5 days apart. Leaves did regrow… somewhat.

Theories I have on why it did not work out:

  1. Over watering?
  2. Too small a part of the root was left?
  3. Carrots and radishes are different species and even though people regrow carrot tops from their greens it just doesn’t work with radishes?

Something else to think about is what to tell my father-in-law if he asks? He hasn’t asked yet, so that’s good for now…

I did some research and found a varied species of Chinese white radish that are planted mainly for leaf harvest (instead of the more common root). Maybe I could propose getting seeds for those and grow them instead? Which would guarantee better yield and that’s good right?

Fingers crossed. Maybe the question will not come up anytime soon… for anytime ever.

The Vege Girl Project: Day 44


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