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Bell Peppers, will you ever bloom?

There has been many instances throughout this balcony farming journey where I have felt incompetent, especially when facing dead plants, seeds that seem to never sprout, and seedlings that seem to never grow.

But there are also pleasant surprises bringing irreplaceable joy, such as when certain plants unexpectedly thrive.

Growing bell peppers was a it-might-not-work-but-I’m-going-to-try-anyways experiment. Secretly I really really hoped it would work out. Glad to say that they are thriving! Besides the part where they haven’t bloom yet…

Just in a month, they grew from these little plants:

April 12

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To these large plants!

May 14
May 14-26.jpg

As usual, I had many (silly) experiments along the way.

April 20: Mulching with dried lemongrass leaves
Apr 20-07.jpg

Apr 20-08.jpg

April 26: Different placements in my balcony for maximum sunlight.
Apr 26-15.jpg

Apr 26-22.jpg

May 2: Green pepper seemed a little wobbly so maybe a collar will help… (Wasn’t sure what I was thinking at the time)
May 02-10.jpg

May 02-17.jpg

May 6: Decided it was time to put up some kind of support, and experimented with netting…
May 06-06.jpg

May 07-14.jpg

May 10: But then would often wonder if the netting was actually useful or only getting in the way of the leaves…
May 10-03.jpg

May 10-08.jpg

May 11: Spotted double sets of leaves for the first time…
May 11-24.jpg

May 11-25.jpg

May 14: And possibly flower buds…may-14-22.jpg

May 14: By this time they were getting quite tall, and a little crooked, especially green pepper.May 14-25.jpg

May 19: So I experimented with another kind of support… which I think is working even better.
May 19-10.jpg

May 22: Some bug bites on red pepper but culprit was not found…May 22-22.jpg

May 27: Red on the left and Green on the right.
May 27-23.jpg

As tall and large and leafy they are getting, they are not blooming. Am I being too anxious? Or is it because of the lack of sunlight and often-too-hot weather? Will they ever bloom?

I’ve switched up their fertilizer to P and K heavy, and will have to wait and see!

Side story: yellow pepper

The yellow pepper that sprouted weeks after Green and Red is also growing well. From a tiny seedling to a plant!

April 12
Apr 12-16

April 22: First true leaf!
Apr 22-17.jpg

May 1: True leaves x 2!

May 7: Into a big pot you go!
May 07-33.jpg

May 15: Grow, buddy, grow!
May 15-32.jpg

May 27: Although still much smaller than Green and Red, it is definitely getting bigger!

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