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Regrowing celery: bottom or heart?

I love my celery plant. From my earlier experiments, I already know that I can easily regrow celery using celery bottoms, which are often thrown away as kitchen scraps.

However, there are some differences on my celery plant compared to the store-bought produce, namely slimmer stalks and overall leafier plant. I’m not sure if these issues can be resolved by planting in a larger container / directly in ground or if it is just an inevitable compromise when regrowing from scrap.

The slimmer stalks are still great nonetheless, as garnishes or additions to salads. I have been able to harvest a couple of the outer stalks while new growth continuously appear from the center.

Photo slideshow of regrowing celery from celery bottom: Day 3 to 38

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I also experimented with regrowing from a celery heart:

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Initially, regrowing from celery hearts felt like a shortcut. By day 6, it was already looking like a leafy plant.

However, not long after, while the celery plant regrew from a bottom was showing continuous rapid growth, the other regrew from heart was slowing down…

April 16 (Day 39): In just over a month, the celery bottom has grown into a large leafy plant. I had harvested a couple outer stalks by this time.

April 18 (Day 13): Plant regrown from celery heart. Despite initial promise, growing has slowed down.  
Apr 18-19.jpg

April 23 (Day 46): New stalks continue to sprout out from the center.
Apr 23-05.jpg

April 23 (Day 18): Some new leaves at the center but growth is slow.
Apr 23-03

April 25 (Day 48): Grow grow grow!
Apr 25-03.jpg

April 25 (Day 20): Baby leaves at the center turning brown-yellow. I speculated that maybe it was due to overwatering, and consequently cut down on the amount of water provided.
Apr 25-02.jpg

Apr 25-04.jpg

April 26 (Day 49): New stalks popping up every few days.
Apr 26-04.jpg

April 30 (Day 25): Conditions continue to deteriorate…
Apr 30-03.jpg

May 3 (Day 56): Growing robustly, with roots seen growing all the way to the bottom of the container. Gifted per requested to a restaurant as indoor decor plant. Bye bye!
May 03-08.jpg

May 5 (Day 30): Most of the new leaves in the center have wilted, with no new stalks seen. Maybe it’s time to pull it out…

May 7 (Day 32): Pulled out. Some investigation needed. Significant roots were never formed.
May 07-25.jpg

May 07-27.jpg

I tentatively conclude that it is easier to regrow celery from celery bottoms compared to celery hearts.

There are some possible variables that might be taken into consideration:

  1. The celery heart had an overall smaller base than the bottom, maybe if the celery heart wasn’t as stripped-down…
  2. The celery bottom was planted in a coir-based soil mix while the celery heart was planted in a peat-based soil mix. Both had relatively good drainage but the coir-based dried up quicker.

However, unless without choice, I think I will sticking to celery bottoms in the future if wanting to regrow celery.

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