The Accidental Celery · Vegetables

Regrowing celery: bottom or heart?

I love my celery plant. From my earlier experiments, I already know that I can easily regrow celery using celery bottoms, which are often thrown away as kitchen scraps. However, there are some differences on my celery plant compared to the store-bought produce, namely slimmer stalks and overall leafier plant. I'm not sure if these issues can… Continue reading Regrowing celery: bottom or heart?

The Accidental Celery · Vegetables

One-month update: The accidental celery

Quick recap: It all started on March 8th, with a yellowish, sad, not very alive-looking celery bottom. It was dried, it had been refrigerated, and I didn't have high-hopes (was bracing myself so I wouldn't feel bad) that it would regrow. But voila, it grew super well and was planted in soil on March 15th.… Continue reading One-month update: The accidental celery