Herbs & Spices · Lemongrass

My lemony journey of lemongrass

Growing up in Malaysia, lemongrass - locally known as serai - was a common and easily found spice used in curries, spicy soups, flavoring rice, etc. It has a distinct fragrant; lemony and spicy with a zing. When starting my balcony garden, lemongrass was definitely among the plants on my mind. It can be slow to cultivate lemongrass from seeds,… Continue reading My lemony journey of lemongrass

Herbs & Spices · Laksa Leaves

Laksa leaves: a mini-tree in the making

At the end of a March, I had an epic battle of untangling laksa leaves - also called rau ram, Vietnamese Coriander, and daun kesum - causing a mud explosion that looked like this: Laksa Leaves: untangled at last And was doubtful whether I was doing more harm than good to the plant. Good news… Continue reading Laksa leaves: a mini-tree in the making

Carrots · Vegetables

Because I can’t say no to carrots

While researching on growing edibles, many times the most ideal location for crops tend to be in ground (including raised beds) than containers and pots. So when coming across a vegetable where many (self-sufficient) farmers claim to be better/easier grown in containers, there seem to be no reason not to plant it. And that vegetable is carrots!… Continue reading Because I can’t say no to carrots

Daikon Radish Leaves · Vegetables

Bye bye daikon radish leaves

What to do when you are gifted a leftover Chinese white radish head + some green-brown leaves by your father-in-law, with hopes that you will be able to grow some white radish greens? Short answer: do not say no, find the excitement, and try regrowing it. Ha. -- The Vege Girl, March 26 Regrowing Chinese white… Continue reading Bye bye daikon radish leaves

Green Garlic · Vegetables

Green Garlic: Pulling out to find… garlic?

An update on green garlic is long overdue. They were planted in soil about a month ago on March 19th. Two of them were organic, while one was not. I was especially curious on how this might affect their growth rate, and if they will continue down the previous trend of organic outgrowing non-organic scraps. Regrowing food: Green… Continue reading Green Garlic: Pulling out to find… garlic?

The Accidental Celery · Vegetables

One-month update: The accidental celery

Quick recap: It all started on March 8th, with a yellowish, sad, not very alive-looking celery bottom. It was dried, it had been refrigerated, and I didn't have high-hopes (was bracing myself so I wouldn't feel bad) that it would regrow. But voila, it grew super well and was planted in soil on March 15th.… Continue reading One-month update: The accidental celery

Bell Peppers · Vegetables

Growing bell peppers: Green, Red and Yellow

Among my initial wish list of plants to grow, bell peppers were definitely high on the list. Don't they look yummy? I decided to start with the most common green, red and yellow, and continue on with the more exotic ones after I get more experienced. Here are the main points to get started: Sunlight:… Continue reading Growing bell peppers: Green, Red and Yellow